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Laminated glass on airport 49-51

1. Double safety

2. A grade raw material

3. Own production line.22 years of experience

4. AS/NZS 2208 / CCC/ SGCC certificate

Laminated Glass is made of two or more than two sheets of glass between which one or multi-layers of PVB with strong cohesion is sandwiched under high tempered and pressure



1.Hight Safety :anti-theft and anti-riot.After a big impact, the fragment of broken glass will be sticked on the film, which will protect people free of harm.

2.Energy saving: There is a good insulating performance, saving energy

3. Sound insulation: laminated glass with a damping of the acoustic features, is a good insulation material

4. Laminated glass with UV blocking function, prevents indoor furniture, items fade.


Max Size:


Single   glass thick:



0.38mm and   multiple of 0.38 mm (Sekisui/DuPont/ Solutia/ Trosifol/ KB)

PVB color:  

clear,   milk white, opaque white, gray,green, bronze, blue, red etc.

Glass   color:

clear,   extra clear Euro gray, dark gray, Ford blue, ocean blue,dark blue, French   Green and reflective glass like low e glass.

Regular   Thickness:

3+0.38+3mm,   4+0.76+4mm, 5+0.76+5mm, 6+0.76+6mm, 6+1.14+6mm, 6+1.52+6mm;8+0.76+8mm,   8+1.52+8mm etc, could be produced as per request.

Panel   size:

1830 x   2140mm ; 1830 x 2440mm; 2134 x 3300mm,etc.



1) Lamianted by annealed glass

2) Laminated by tempered glass

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