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laminated glass

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Laminated glass 25-30

1. Double safety

2. A grade raw material

3. Own production line.22 years of experience

4. AS/NZS 2208 / CCC/ SGCC certificate


Glass Railing is fashion and modern, which is made by toughened glass or laminated glass.


Laminated Glass is made of two or more than two sheets of glass between which one or multi-layers of PVB with strong cohesion is sandwiched under high tempered and pressure



1.Hight Safety :anti-theft and anti-riot.After a big impact, the fragment of broken glass will be sticked on the film, which will protect people free of harm.

2.Energy saving: There is a good insulating performance, saving energy

3. Sound insulation: laminated glass with a damping of the acoustic features, is a good insulation material

4. Laminated glass with UV blocking function, prevents indoor furniture, items fade.


Max Size:


Single   glass thick:



0.38mm and   multiple of 0.38 mm (Sekisui/DuPont/ Solutia/ Trosifol/ KB)

PVB color:  

clear,   milk white, opaque white, gray,green, bronze, blue, red etc.

Glass   color:

clear,   extra clear Euro gray, dark gray, Ford blue, ocean blue,dark blue, French   Green and reflective glass like low e glass.

Regular   Thickness:

3+0.38+3mm,   4+0.76+4mm, 5+0.76+5mm, 6+0.76+6mm, 6+1.14+6mm, 6+1.52+6mm;8+0.76+8mm,   8+1.52+8mm etc, could be produced as per request.

Panel   size:

1830 x   2140mm ; 1830 x 2440mm; 2134 x 3300mm,etc.

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