The main types of self cleaning glass
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Self-cleaning glass also called self-cleaning glass, which belongs to the ecological environmental protection, "green glass", on the surface of titanium dioxide coated glass plate with a layer of transparent, photocatalyst film, can be made into a self cleaning glass. When called titanium dioxide photocatalyst thin film photocatalyst with the sun light or fluorescent lamp, ultraviolet radiation, in the excitation of external light will make the attachment into carbon dioxide and water and automatically eliminated in the organic matter, surface pollutants. For the glass and ceramic surfaces "easy clean paint on the market", or "self-cleaning coatings can be roughly divided into three categories:

The first category: is the main component of titanium dioxide (TiO2). Plating / coating a layer of titanium dioxide thin film on the glass, as in (UV) to produce titanium dioxide photocatalytic properties and has good super dear light under the action of water. Using the super hydrophilic property (hydrophobic properties and gold seal coating has the opposite), it makes a very small water drips into large water drops, fall off under the action of gravity, so that the contamination in the stains can easily be washed away, so that the glass properties with Yi Qingjie, so it is especially suitable for outdoor architectural glass. The utility model has the advantages of cheap price, the disadvantage is that you must have the ultraviolet radiation, but also poor adhesion.

Class second: the main ingredient is silicone (or silicone) form or other oily materials, coated on the material surface to give a person a kind of greasy feeling, but it is no silica molecular function and material surface generation nano thin film solid, but just to fill our naked eye cannot see uneven material surface, which makes the material surface smooth, the utility model has the advantages of water (but not on oil) also have a repulsive interaction is very strong, the disadvantage is the poor adhesion, in not the long time (6-12 months), the rejection of the properties of water will greatly reduce the.

Class third: is the main component of inorganic nanometer silicon material, representative products for the Japanese good Ruijia self-cleaning coating, which is characterized as a super hydrophilic surface coating and anti dust, do not rely on sunlight, the same work in completely the environment without light, titanium dioxide product upgrade.

With the "double wettable" surface of the glass, can be away from water and oil two kinds of liquid, and so, when there is water vapor on the glass in the glass surface will spread, but not condenses into water. In addition, the water can penetrate into the oily dirt in the mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, will wash away dirt, so as to be able to have the very strong self purification ability. In one experiment, to spray steam in glass, ordinary glass has covered with mist bead and the glass but can still through the text and pictures for people to read.