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1.Tempered laminated glass container packaging applications, pallets or wood, plastic or paper packaging of each piece of glass, between the glass and the packing box is not easy to cause the light material packing glass appearance defects such as. Marked "upward, light moving carefully placed, broken, glass thickness, grade" and other words each package shall be.

2.An internal stress of glass products tempered laminated glass, it can no longer cutting, drilling and milling after molding, otherwise it will cause the edge crack, toughened interlayer glass stress concentration, to protect. Can not use sharp, hard objects a glass edge, otherwise easy to make glass breakage.

3.Vehicle transportation, tempered laminated glass can be used in various types of transportation, wooden box may be flat or inclined direction, length and conveying vehicle move in the same direction, and measures should be rain. Glass in handling, should avoid contact with hard objects, collision, temporarily not tempered laminated glass should be vertically stored in dry, ventilated room.

4.tempered laminated glass before installation should avoid exposure to heat, high humidity and rain and other climate environment, the glass in construction site to be stored in ventilated, dry place, encountered heavy rain weather mutation, construction personnel should timely on-site inspection, to prevent the glass packaging box flooding caused by laminated and tempered glass edge seepage discoloration.

5.underwater glass installation, must ensure that the performance of the whole system good waterproof leakage. First contact with water site must adopt waterproof material. Secondly, for the gap between the glass and metal frame must be completely filled with good sealing polysulfide rubber or silicone rubber sealing material.