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Heat soak glass

Heat soak test is that toughened glass is heated to 290  plus or minus 10  , and holding a certain time, prompting crystal phase transition of nickel sulfide in glass is completed quickly, so that glass exploded possible is artificially broken early in heat soaked test  furnace, thereby reducing post-installation of glass exploded.

Why Heat soak ?

The purpose of heat soaking is to reduce the incidence of Toughened Safety Glass breaking spontaneously after installation,therefore reducing the associated replacement, maintenance and disruption costs and the risk of the building being classified as unsafe.

Heat Soaked Toughened Safety Glass is more expensive than ordinary Toughened Safety Glass, due to the additional processing. 

But compared to the alternatives or the actual cost of replacing broken Toughened Safety Glass in the field, there is substantial justification for the cost of the additional process.

The following applications should be considered for heat soaking:


Structural Balustrades.

Infill Balustrades – if fallout is an issue.

Sloped Overhead Glazing.

Spandrels – if not Heat Strengthened.

Structural Glazing with Spider or other fittings.

Commercial Exterior Frameless Glass Doors.

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